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  • Dec 2021: Brett Sawka completed his MEng design project and graduated. Brett is heading to STR – Congratulations!
  • Nov 2021: Article on our NSF Panorama project to explore integrated rack-scale acceleration for computational pangenomics published in the Cornell Chronicle (shorter article) and Cornell ECE News (longer article)
  • Oct 2021: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) proposal to explore realistic nanophotonic system implementation (with our collaborators Al Molnar at Cornell and Keren Bergman at Columbia) is funded through Intel as part of various DARPA programs on both heterogeneous integration and photonic communication
  • Oct 2021: Invited to present work on fast RTL simulation and property-based testing in PyMTL3 at IBM
  • Oct 2021: Paper on a tensor processing framework for CPU-manycore heterogeneous systems (in collaboration with our colleagues at Cornell and the University of Washington) accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD)
  • Sep 2021: Invited to serve on the program committee for the IEEE Micro Top Picks 2022 special issue
  • Sep 2021: National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal to explore integrated rack-scale acceleration for computational pangenomics (with our collaborators Prof. Zhiru Zhang, Adrian Sampson, and Ed Suh at Cornell University, Prof. Michael Taylor at the University of Washington, and Prof. Pjor Prins and Erik Garrison at the University of Tennessee Health-Science Center) is funded as part of the NSF Principles and Practice of Scalable Systems (PPoSS) program
  • Aug 2021: Article on this year's CURIE Academy published in the Cornell Chronicle
  • Aug 2021: Group of undergraduates, led by Cameron Haire and also including Rohan Agarwal, Kenneth Mao, and Ken Ho successfully tested their TSMC 180nm tapeout using an "at-home" chip testing setup which included a DC power supply, Analog Discovery 2 logic analyzer & pattern generator, USB-to-SPI adapter, and various other electronics prototyping equipment
  • Aug 2021: Course website for ECE 2400 / ENGRD 2140 Computer Systems Programming now online
  • Aug 2021: Preslav Ivanov joined the Batten Research Group – Welcome!
  • Aug 2021: Invited to serve on the program committee for the 49th ACM/IEEE Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture (ISCA'22)
  • Jul 2021: Invited to serve on the national selection committee for the Churchill Scholarship
  • Jul 2021: Directed the week-long design experience for CURIE Academy 2021 entitled "Computing at the Edge" as part of the educational outreach initiatives funded through National Science Foundation (NSF) grant
  • Jul 2021: Article on preparations for this year's CURIE Academy which will enable high-school girls to design, build, and test Internet-of-Things devices published in Cornell ECE News
  • Jul 2021: Courtney Golden was selected for the prestigious Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholars Program to explore heterogeneous vector/scalar computer architectures for machine learning – Congratulations!
  • Jun 2021: Paper on a layout-based evaluation of read/write performance of SOT-MRAM and SOTFET-RAM (in collaboration with Prof. Alyssa Apsel and her students) is accepted to the 47th IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conf. (ESSCIRC'21)
  • May 2021: Group of undergraduates, including Rohan Agarwal, Kenneth Mao, Cameron Haire, Ken Ho, and Angela Zou, tape out two test chips in TSMC 180nm which include an SPI interface, UC Berkeley floating-point multiply-add unit, and a standard-cell-based digital clock generator to lay the foundation for more undergraduate-led research test chips
  • May 2021: Invited to present our vision for a new era of open-source system-on-chip design, using our work on PyMTL3 and Celerity as case studies, at the Hardware Systems Collective Seminar at the University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
  • May 2021: Shunning Jiang successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled "Productive and Extensible Hardware Modeling, Simulation, and Verification Methodologies". Shunning is heading to Huawei – Congratulations!
  • May 2021: Rohan Agarwal and Kenneth Mao completed their MEng design project and graduated. Both Rohan and Kenneth are heading to Apple – Congratulations!
  • May 2021: Presented our work on designing accelerator-centric system-on-chips using heterogeneous cache coherence and served on two panels discussing HDLs and emerging technologies at the ADA SRC JUMP center annual symposium
  • May 2021: Gave guest lecture in ENGRI 1210 The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone on Recent Trends in Computer Engineering
  • May 2021: Moyang Wang, Shunning Jiang, and Tuan Ta prepared a demonstration video discussing on our ongoing work taking heterogeneous cache coherence from an ISCA paper to RTL to GDS
  • Apr 2021: Paper on PyH2, a productive and open-source hardware testing methodology based on PyMTL3, published in IEEE Design & Test
  • Mar 2021: Ken Ho (co-advised with Prof. Alyssa Apsel) earned a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship – Congratulations!
  • Mar 2021: Paper on unifying method-based cycle-level modeling and signal-based register-transfer-level modeling accepted to the 58th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conf. (DAC'21)
  • Mar 2021: Christopher Torng and Peitian Pan prepared an "unofficial" artifact for HPCA'21 that includes all of the source code and scripts for reproducing part of the results in our paper; this was inspired by Lin Cheng preparing an "official" artifact for CGO'20 to earn three artifact evaluation badges and Moyang Wang preparing an "unofficial" artifact for ISCA'20; even though ISCA and HPCA do not have an "official" artifact evaluation (yet!), still very proud of our group's effort to facilitate open and reproducible research
  • Feb 2021: Christopher Torng presented our work on ultra-elastic CGRAs for irregular loop specialization at the 27th IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA'21) held virtually this year (video)
  • Feb 2021: Hosted Prof. Tony Nowatzki from UCLA to give a talk titled "Towards General-Purpose Specialization" as part of our H.C. Torng CSL Seminar Series
  • Feb 2021: Course website for ECE 5745 Complex Digital ASIC Design now online