Moyang Wang
Ph.D. Student

Computer Systems Laboratory
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University

office: 471E Rhodes Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
email: mw828 at cornell edu

I am a final-year Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer engineering advised by Professor Christopher Batten at Cornell University. I am pursuing research in the area of parallel computer architectures and programming frameworks. I am particularly interested in developing scalable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-program manycore architectures.

Before joining Cornell, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Microelectronics and Mathematics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China in 2014.

There is a fundamental trade-off between hardware scalability and software programmability in manycore architectures. Manycore processors with heterogeneous cache coherence (a combination of hardware- and software-based cache coherence) can offer tremendous peak throughput while being complexity and energy efficient. Unfortunately, programming these heterogeneous cache-coherent systems to enable collaborative execution is challenging, especially when considering dynamic task parallelism. My recent work [ISCA'20] seeks to address this challenge using a combination of light-weight software and hardware techniques. It provides a familiar TBB/Cilk-like task-based parallel programming model on heterogeneous cache-coherent systems. It also enables efficient collaborative execution on dynamic task-parallel applications.

In the past, I have developed an asymmetry-aware work-stealing runtime to improve the performance and energy efficiency of multicore processors [ISCA'16]. I have also contributed to the runtime for programmable accelerators [MICRO'17].

Research Interests

manycore architectures, parallel programming frameworks, programmable accelerators



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