CSL Faculty

Dave Albonesi

Professor, ECE
333 Rhodes Hall
albonesi at csl.cornell.edu

Adaptive and reconfigurable multi-core and processor architectures, power- and reliability-aware computing, and energy-efficient smart buildings

Christopher Batten

Associate Professor, ECE
323 Rhodes Hall
cbatten at cornell.edu

Energy-efficient parallel computer architecture for both high-performance and embedded applications, parallel programming methodologies, hardware specialization, interconnection networks, VLSI chip-design methodologies

Anne Bracy

Senior Lecturer, CS
452 Gates Hall
bracy at cs.cornell.edu

Computer architecture, instruction fusion, hardware support for thread synchronization

Christina Delimitrou

Assistant Professor, ECE
332 Rhodes Hall

delimitrou at cornell.edu

Designing resource-efficient datacenters and improving the way their resources are managed, hardware acceleration, applied data mining, performance monitoring and debugging, cloud security, and architecture and distributed systems broadly

Hadas Kress-Gazit

Associate Professor, MAE
551 Upson Hall

hadaskg at cornell.edu

Formal methods for robotics and automation; more specifically, verifiable robot controllers for complex high-level tasks using logic, verification, synthesis, hybrid systems theory and computational linguistics

José Martínez

Professor, ECE
336 Rhodes Hall

martinez at cornell.edu

Computer architecture, including reconfigurable and self-optimizing architectures, processing-in-memory architectures, architectural impact of disruptive technologies (e.g., on-chip nanophotonics), and hardware-software interaction

Margaret Martonosi

A.D. White Professor At Large
Professor, Princeton University

martonosi at princeton.edu

Computer architecture and mobile computing, particularly emphasizing power-efficient systems

Kirstin Petersen

Assistant Professor, ECE
324 Rhodes Hall
kirstin at cornell.edu

Design and coordination of bio-inspired robot collectives and their natural counterparts



Adrian Sampson

Assistant Professor, CS
411A Gates Hall

asampson at cs.cornell.edu

Hardware–software abstractions, computer architecture, programming languages, compilers, and software engineering

E. Gün Sirer

Associate Professor, CS
438 Gates Hall

egs at cs.cornell.edu

Operating systems, networking and distributed systems, novel secure operating system and system infrastructure for high-performance cloud computing applications

Christoph Studer

Assistant Professor, ECE
331 Rhodes Hall

studer at cornell.edu

Digital very large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits and systems; signal and image processing; wireless communication systems; convex optimization; analysis of massive data sets.

G. Edward Suh

Associate Professor, ECE
338 Rhodes Hall

suh at csl.cornell.edu

Computer systems and computer architecture, combining architectural techniques with low-level software to enhance various aspects of computing systems such as performance, security, and reliability

A. Kevin Tang

Associate Professor, ECE
337 Rhodes Hall
atang at ece.cornell.edu

Control and optimization, and their applications to networks: nonconvex optimization, autonomous routing, and congestion control  for WAN; access network management for IoT

Hakim Weatherspoon

Associate Professor, CS
427 Gates Hall
hweather at cs.cornell.edu

Fault-tolerance, reliability, security, and performance of Internet-scale systems

Zhiru Zhang

Associate Professor, ECE
320 Rhodes Hall

zhiruz at csl.cornell.edu

Computer-aided design methodologies, optimization algorithms, and automation tools for highly integrated very-large-scale electronic systems, computer-aided design for heterogeneous computing

CSL Faculty Emeriti

W. Kent Fuchs

W. Kent Fuchs

Professor Emeritus, ECE

HC Torng

H.C. Torng

Professor Emeritus, ECE