Welcome to CSL!

The Computer Systems Laboratory was founded in 1998 as a way to bring together researchers from the ECE and CS Graduate Fields who were broadly interested in computer systems. Today, CSL comprises 10 full-time Faculty and more than 40 Ph.D. students. Additionally, numerous M.Eng. and undergraduate students actively conduct research within CSL. Interaction across departments is a key strength of the lab: CSL Faculty are all ECE and CS Graduate Field members, which allows them to chair Ph.D. committees of students in either Field.

If you are interested in pursuing MS/Ph.D. studies with us, you can apply to either the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Computer Science.

The College of Engineering’s M.Eng program is Cornell’s professional graduate degree in Engineering. Many M.Eng students conduct their project with CSL faculty.

Meet CSL’s Newest Faculty Members

Kirstin H. Petersen

Mohamed Abdelfattah
Assistant Professor, ECE

Prof. Abdelfattah works on machine learning efficiency and reconfigurable computing.

Christina Delimitrou

Elizabeth Farrell Helbling
Assistant Professor, ECE

Prof. Helbling works on improving autonomy and biomechanics and mechanobiology.

Kirstin H. Petersen

Nils Napp
Assistant Professor, ECE

Prof. Napp is interested in design and control strategies for systems that operate with uncertainty.