I am Shaojie Xiang, a second-year doctoral student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, advised by Professor Zhiru Zhang. My research focuses on Cloud FPGA Acceleration, Machine Learning System and Programming Language. Full CV available upon request.

E-mail: sx233 AT cornell DOT edu
Office: 471 Rhodes Hall, Ithaca, NY
OpenPGP: 0x76FD29158FF05E8590316A5175FD8642ADEF938F


Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering (2018-)
Cornell University, Computer Systems Lab
Advisor: Prof. Zhiru Zhang


Nvidia CUDA Compiler Group (Fall 2020)
Research Intern
Advisor: Vinod Grover

Intel Parallel Computing Lab (Summer 2020)
Research Intern
Advisor: Dr. Hongbo Rong and Dr. John C. Kreatsoulas

Siemens Corporate Technology (Spring 2018)
Firmware System Engineer (Intern)
Advisor: Dr. Chuanyu Zhang


Recent Projects

HeteroCL: Programming Infrastructure for FPGA and ASIC (Jan 2019-)
  • Decoupled algorithm with optimization techniques
  • Fast development cycle with high performance and portability
FPGA-Accelerated Network Stack for Microservices (Feb 2020-)
  • Offload RPC processing and network stack to FPGA based NIC
  • Exploit PCIe-DDIO and UPI to accelerate host-NIC communication
Distributed Auto-Tuning Framework for Fast DSE (Oct 2018-)
  • Causal graph guided auto-tuning strategy to optimize HW QoR
  • Multi-objective auto-tuning with decoupled search space
vTPM based Remote Attestation for Secure Booting (Feb 2018-May 2018)
  • Developed DXE driver in UEFI firmware to collect checksum
  • Developed remote attestation engine with RSA/ASE encrypted channel