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Course Schedule
ECE 5750 / CS 5420 - Advanced Computer Architecture
Fall '19

Class presentation (Aug. 23)

No reading assignment



Amdahl's Law in the multicore era,
by M. Hill and M. Marty, Tech. Rep. 2008

Cache Coherence

Using cache memory to reduce processor-memory traffic,
by J.R. Goodman, ISCA 1983

A low-overhead coherence solution for multiprocessors with private cache memories,
by M.S. Papamarcos and J.H. Patel, ISCA 1984

An evaluation of directory schemes for cache coherence,
by A. Agarwal et al., ISCA 1988

The SGI Origin: A ccNUMA highly scalable server,
by J. Laudon and D. Lenoski, ISCA 1997


Efficient synchronization primitives for large-scale cache-coherent multiprocessors,
by J.R. Goodman et al., ASPLOS 1989

Memory Consistency

Memory consistency and event ordering in scalable shared-memory multiprocessors,
by K. Gharachorloo et al., ISCA 1990

Two techniques to enhance the performance of memory consistency models,
by K. Gharachorloo et al., ICPP 1991

Interconnection Networks

Virtual-Channel Flow Control,
by W.J. Dally, IEEE TPDS 1992

A new theory of deadlock-free adaptive routing in wormhole networks,
by J. Duato, IEEE TPDS 1993

OS Support

Nov. 26
Scheduling and page migration for multiprocessor compute servers,
by R. Chandra et al., ASPLOS 1994


Open notes; no electronic aids allowed



Characterizing computer performance with a single number,
by J.E. Smith, Comm. of the ACM 1988

Limits of instruction-level parallelism,
by D.W. Wall, DEC WRL TR 1993

Microprocessor Architecture (Nov. 1-3)

HPS, a new microarchitecture: rationale and introduction,
by Y. Patt et al., MICRO 1985

The microarchitecture of superscalar processors,
by J.E. Smith and G.S. Sohi, Proc. of the IEEE 1995

The MIPS R10000 superscalar microprocessor,
by K.C. Yeager, IEEE Micro 1996

The Alpha 21264 microprocessor architecture,
by R.E. Kessler et al., IEEE Micro 1999

Control Flow Speculation

Combining branch predictors,
by S. McFarling, DEC WRL TR 1993

Neural methods for dynamic branch prediction,
by D.A. Jiménez and C. Lin., ACM TOCS 2002

Piecewise linear branch prediction,
by D.A. Jiménez, ISCA 2005

Memory Disambiguation

Memory dependence prediction using store sets,
by G.Z. Chrysos and J.S. Emer, ISCA 1998


Composable Multicores

Core Fusion: Accommodating software diversity in chip multiprocessors,
by E. Ipek et al., ISCA 2007

MorphCore: An energy-efficient microarchitecture for high-performance ILP
and high-throughput TLP
by Khubaib et al., MICRO 2012

Multicore Memory Scheduling

Parallel application memory scheduling,
by E. Ebrahimi et al., MICRO 2011

Self-optimizing memory controllers: A reinforcement learning approach,
by E. Ipek et al., ISCA 2008

Improving memory scheduling via processor-side load criticality information,
by S. Ghose et al., ISCA 2013

Multicore Resource Management

Coordinated management of multiple resources in chip multiprocessors: A machine learning approach,
by R. Bitirgen et al., MICRO 2008

XChange: A market-based approach to scalable dynamic multi-resource allocation in multicore architectures,
by X. Wang and J. Martínez, HPCA 2015