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Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Lectures

Morgan & Claypool publish a series of synthesis lectures in computer architecture, where each "lecture" is really a short book. These lectures are authored by some of the leading experts in computer architecture and serve as excellent surveys on many of the topics we cover in the course. All lectures are freely available to Cornell students on campus. Some of the more relevant synthesis lectures are listed below.

Microprocessor Report

The Linley Group publishes the Microprocessor Report (MPR), a technical newsletter that provides in-depth analysis of high-performance processors in industry. MPR often provides detailed descriptions of the most recent chips from Intel, AMD, Oracle, NVIDIA, Cavium, and others. All MPR articles are freely available to Cornell students on campus. There is also a free email newsletter that provides short summaries and links to recently posted articles.

Agner Fog's Software Optimization Manuals

Agner Fog is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, and he maintains one of the most remarkable and up-to-date collections of software optimization manuals for the x86 and x86-64 family microprocessors. The following five manuals describe: optimization tips for C++ and assembly language; details about the microarchitecture and instruction timings of most Intel, AMD and VIA processors; and details about different compilers and calling conventions. I highly recommend browsing through the Microarchitecture Optimization Guide; it has tremendous detail about the processor and memory systems in recent x86 processors and is a wonderful resource for computer architects.

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RISC-V Resources

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