Congratulations to Professor Zhiru Zhang (and many others!) whose paper “AutoBridge: Coupling Coarse-Grained Floorplanning and Pipelining for High-Frequency HLS Design on Multi-Die FPGAs” won Best Paper at the 2021 International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Read the paper here.

AutoBridge couples coarse-grained floorplanning with pipelining to improve the frequency of HLS designs on multi-die FPGAs. 150 MHz increase in average frequency is demonstrated across a number of benchmarks, while many unroutable designs are shown to achieve 274 MHz on average.

The ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays is the premier conference for presentation of advances in all areas related to the FPGA technology, including FPGA architecture, FPGA circuit design, CAD for FPGAs, high-level abstractions and tools for FPGAs, FPGA-based and FPGA-like computing engines, as well as applications and design studies. This year’s Best Paper Award is selected from a total of 161 submissions.

Prof. Zhiru Zhang wins FPGA 2021 Best Paper Award