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Jos&eaute; F. Martínez

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José F. Martínez
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Field Member, Computer Science
Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future

336 Rhodes Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
+1 (607) 255-1874

Meeting with Prof. Martínez
Open office hours Mo 3-4:15pm
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Brief Bio

José Martínez is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, member of the Graduate Field of Computer Science, and a Fellow of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell. His research work has earned several awards; among them: two IEEE Micro Top Picks papers; a HPCA Best Paper Award, as well as HPCA and MICRO Best Paper finalists; a NSF CAREER Award; two IBM Faculty Awards; and the inaugural Computer Science Distinguished Educator Alumnus Award by the University of Illinois. On the teaching side, he has been recognized with two Kenneth A. Goldman '71 Excellence in Teaching Awards (2005 and 2014), a Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Teaching (2015), twice as the Most Influential College Educator of a Merrill Presidential Scholar (2007 and 2016), and as the 2011 Tau Beta Pi Professor of the Year in the College of Engineering.

Prof. Martínez graduated in Computer Science & Engineering in 1996 from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, and earned MS (1999) and Ph.D. (2002) degrees in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A two-time recepient of the Spanish government's National Award for Academic Excellence, he held a four-year graduate fellowship from the Bank of Spain. While a graduate student at the UIUC, he was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Prof. Martínez is a member of the Computer Systems Laboratory at Cornell.He is Senior Member of the ACM and the IEEE. He also serves on the Advisory board of the Industry-Academia Partnership for architecture, networking, and storage needs of future data centers and cloud computing.


A list of selected publications can be found here.

Program Committee Service

HPCA '16 (Program Chair), ISCA '15, HPCA '15, Top Picks '15, HPCA '14, HPCA '13, ISCA '12, ISCA '11, ISCA '10, Top Picks '10, SC '10, MICRO '09 (Program Co-chair), ISCA '09, IISWC '09, HiPEAC '09 IISWC '08, DATE '08, MICRO '07, PACT '07, HiPC '07, SC '07, IPDPS '07, ISCA '06, DATE '06, MICRO '05, PACT '04, HPCA '04, ICPP '03.

Research Group

Prof. Martínez leads the M3 Architecture Research Group, which is part of the Computer Systems Laboratory, and it comprises both graduate and undergraduate researchers.

Academic Genealogy

José Martínez, Ph.D. 2002, UIUC
Josep Torrellas, Ph.D. 1992, Stanford
John Hennessy, Ph.D. 1977, SUNY Stony Brook
Dick Kieburtz, Ph.D. 1961, U. Washington
Akira Ishimaru, Ph.D. 1958, U. Washington
Gedaliah Held, Ph.D. 1954, U.C. Berkeley
Samuel Silver, Ph.D. 1940, MIT
John Slater, Ph.D. 1923, Harvard
Percy Bridgman, Ph.D. 1908, Harvard
Wallace Sabine, A.M. 1888, Harvard
John Trowbridge, S.D. 1873, Harvard
Joseph Lovering, A.B. 1833, Harvard
Benjamin Peirce, A.B. 1829, Harvard
Nathaniel Bowditch, M.A. 1802 (Honorary), Harvard