Christopher Torng

Ph.D. Candidate

I am applying for faculty positions in electrical engineering and computer science for the 2018-2019 hiring season.

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Computer Systems Laboratory
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Cornell University

office: 471-B Rhodes Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
email: clt67 at cornell edu

I am a final-year PhD student in electrical and computer engineering working under Professor Christopher Batten at Cornell University. My research lies primarily in computer architecture, but my research approach also focuses on tying computer architecture up to software and down to VLSI.

I am interested in all aspects of computer architecture, especially specialized architectures that are co-designed with software and VLSI/circuits for both high-performance and embedded applications. I am also interested in productive software runtimes, heterogeneous compute, fine-grain power management, hardware specialization, methodologies for rapid ASIC design, and open-source hardware infrastructure. Throughout my PhD, I have been involved with six research test chips, and I was the project lead / university student lead for three of the chips including BRGTC2 (2018), Celerity (2017), and BRGTC1 (2016).


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