Reading Materials

There are a variety of ways students can gain access to the required reading materials including: purchasing the books; purchasing the course packet; using the hard copy reserves in Uris Library; using the free online e-book available to Cornell students for Hennessy & Patterson, Harris & Harris, and Dally & Towles; and/or downloading specific excerpts from the course webpage using the username and password distributed in lecture.

Reading Assignments

Students are expected to complete all of the assigned reading according to the schedule below, although there is some flexibility. Some students may prefer to complete the readings before the corresponding lecture, while others may prefer to complete the readings after the corresponding lecture. Either strategy is acceptable.

Readings are marked with the following symbols:

Course Overview

T01: [FP] Single-Cycle Processors

T02: [FP] FSM Processors

T03: [FP] Pipelined Processors

T04: [FM] Single-Cycle Cache Memories

T05: [FM] FSM and Pipelined Cache Memories

T06: [FN] Network Topology

T07: [FN] Network Routing

T08: [FN] Network Flow Control and Router Microarchitecture

T09: [AP] Superscalar Execution and Branch Prediction

T10: [AP] Out-of-Order Execution

T11: [AP] Register Renaming and Memory Disambiguation

T12: [AP] VLIW Processors

T13: [AP] Vector Processors

T14: [AP] Multithreaded Processors

T15: [AM] Memory Translation, Protection, and Virtualization

Example Architecture – Intel Haswell